Email Address Search: Best Ways to Find Anybody’s Email

Email is still one of the most efficient outreach channels. All businesses use email every single day for their activities because it is a great means of their offers exposure and sales automation.

Email Address Search Best Ways to Find Anybody’s Email

How to spot valid emails so as not to miss valuable prospects?

Use an Email Lookup Tool

Many people use lead finder tools to find emails online. This is an easy and efficient way to find email addresses.

These apps make it simple for businesses to capture new leads that, with the right approach, turn into sales. How do they work? They search the web and public data sources to find and scrape contact info of potential leads that meet certain criteria.

Use an Email Lookup Tool

This app comes with a set of really great tools that are sure to help you get more qualified leads and close more deals. Its dedicated tool is called “Email Finder.” Here’s how you find emails with it.

  • Upload the list of websites of all the companies from which you’d like to get sales engagements. Run the Bulk Domain Search and get a list of unverified emails. Use a unique tool from to verify them.  
  • Also, find companies by industry, name, or size. Then, spot their business emails using Database Search. Use filters for location, job title, and skills of the prospects.
  • Upload the list of social profile links of the prospects and run a Social URL Search to get their emails.

The Email Finder Chrome extension from is another great way to do searches. Install it for free and start receiving emails with leads from the targeted companies’ websites and SERPs.

Email Address Search

Finally, to ensure that your outreach actually hits the target, use a professional email tracker that tracks clicks and open rates of your emails right inside Gmail.

This app is good for those who want a more affordable option for finding leads. For example, it’ll give you 2x more credits for finding emails per month than at an almost 2x lower price. Not bad, right?


This is another excellent tool for finding emails for your outreach. It comes with 25 free monthly searches. In over 80% of cases, it’ll return you valid emails. This is one of the top email finder tools in the industry at the moment.


Search on Google with Key Details

Yes, Google is a great source for finding email addresses. Do a simple search with the right query, and you will be all set. Search for “[email protected]

The method is pretty simple. However, it requires guesswork, which means it’s not always 100% reliable and accurate.

Try an Alternative Search Engine

No luck with Google? No problem. Use another search engine like DuckDuckGo to spot your prospects’ emails. Go to DuckDuckGo and run this search “”. It’ll show you the email addresses associated with the domain and available to the public.

Pro tip: Type the prospect’s name in the search bar to find the contact details of a particular person.

Check on LinkedIn

Although it is not a sales platform, it is a great place to look for business emails. Many professionals include them on their profile pages.

This is a really fast, simple method to get valid emails that you can use in your next outreach campaign. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Go to your LinkedIn account. In the search bar, type in the name of the prospect.
  • Head to their profile page, find the “Contact info” link and click on it.

Yes, it’s really that simple. Their email should be listed there.

Use the WHOIS  Method

People use WHOIS to register their domains. The data they leave there is available to the public, so you are likely to find emails of prospects with a WHOIS lookup.

Go to the WHOIS lookup tools listed below and search for the domain to which you want to get the email.

  • DomainTools
  • NameCheap
  • DMCA0s with a free WHOIS lookup tool
  • Nominet

Feel free to use any of these. Chances are you’ll spot their email addresses. If you go for this method, take into account that it’s not always the best. That’s because some people may hide their information from the public.

Visit a Contact’s Personal Website

Does the person whom you’d like to reach out to have a personal website? Great! Go to their “About Us,” “Staff,” or “Contact Us” pages.

In most cases, you’ll see their emails there or on the author’s page.

Don’t find an email there? No worries. You still have an Ace in your sleeve. Sign up for an email list. They are sure to send you a confirmation email. Use the email address from which it’ll arrive for your outreach.

Use Twitter

Twitter is one of the most underrated places for finding business emails. That’s because many SDRs aren’t aware of how to use it efficiently for outreach.

People don’t want bots to grab their emails on Twitter. That’s why they share emails with some slight modifications. For example, they use “dot” instead of. “” or “at” instead of “@.”

In Twitter’s search, type in “at [name of domain] dot.” 

Here’s another tip for those who’d like to use Twitter to find emails: Check the bio of your prospects. Next, find the contact section. Here you have it. Their email is very likely to be there.

A lot of marketers, authors, and business professionals leave their emails in their Twitter bios.

Finally, there are many Specialized Search platforms for tweets. These tools are great for one reason. They give you quick and easy-to-navigate access to the user’s tweet history. And guess what? Their emails are very likely to be mentioned in one of those old tweets.

Final Words

That’s basically it. Now you are aware of 7 amazingly simple yet effective methods to spot emails of prospects online and improve your sales engagement and automation. Don’t overcomplicate it. Go and try these ways to win new clients ASAP!

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