Tips on getting a faster internet connection while travelling internationally

Tips on getting a faster internet connection while travelling internationally

We all know the struggle of searching for better coverage while on vacation, especially when talking with friends or family. At the same time, posting photos can be tedious, so sharing your trip experience can sometimes be frustrating.

While most countries have great internet connections, not all have a speedy WiFi or data connection. In some remote areas, internet use is impossible, as WiFi is inefficient. You’ll indeed forget the stress and agitation from your daily work tasks, but getting informed about various things will require getting in touch with locals, which may be difficult if you’re a foreigner.

Tips on getting a fast internet connection while travelling internationally

Luckily, there are many ways through which visitors can access reliable internet connections to enjoy their time off fully. Moreover, you can use your phone more efficiently when travelling abroad. Let’s find out how.

Look for the Best eSIM Data Plan

Depending on where you’re headed, you may need to buy a digital eSIM that doesn’t require changing the phone’s SIM card. Places like Iceland, South Korea, and Bulgaria have some of the best mobile internet speeds in the world, but visiting Venezuela, Mongolia, or Australia will require additional support for internet connection.

Still, getting an eSIM is highly affordable, and it offers fast and reliable internet with no roaming charges. Therefore, you can easily find the best eSIM plans for Australia with a little research before traveling. You can install the plan and activate it wherever needed. You can also customise your plan based on preferences.

Organise Your Phone’s Folders

A smartphone packed with a lot of media will indeed work slower, and it can also affect your internet connection. While we know the joy of photographing everything when visiting a new country, it is a good idea to minimise the number of snaps taken or put them on the cloud for more space.

Other helpful tips include the following:

  • Frequently clearing the phone’s cache since it can slow down processes;
  • Closing your apps as they run in the background;
  • Use a different browser for searching on the internet;
  • Resetting network settings as they can contribute to slow bandwidth;
fast internet connection

Get an Ad Blocker

Many ads pop up on various websites and even social media apps, which can considerably slow down your internet connection. This can happen as they use more or less processing power and memory on your phone device, so blocking them will considerably improve your internet speed and the device’s performance.

You can search on your phone’s settings section, where you can block pop-ups on certain websites you will use on your trip. At the same time, it’s recommended that you download a reputable adblocker that will successfully block most of the annoying ads. Still, be prepared not to be able to visit some sites as many need to show ads for revenue.

Ensure Auto-Updates are Turned Off

Auto updates are necessary to maintain your phone’s security and rapidity, but mobile data can considerably drain your phone’s energy and hinder your internet connection. While on vacation, it might be best to turn these updates off, as you may not need them right away for a shorter trip.

Ensure you check app updates as well since they can operate without permission. Considering you only use a few apps for communication or sharing on social media, you could wait a few days before updating them when you access WiFi from your home.

Use a VPN Service

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an intermediary between your internet connection and the websites you visit that encrypts data so that your device is safe from third parties. A VPN offers considerable security levels, more privacy, and free censorship features, so you can access the Internet regardless of the country you travel to.

Using a VPN is easy since you only need to search for the one with the best offer. After that, you install it on your smartphone and create an account that provides server access. If you’re not tech-savvy, online tutorials will help you use it.

Learn How to Protect Your Device

While having a slow internet connection is pretty annoying, giving up and using public WiFi is the last thing you should do. These networks are unsafe as they expose you to data breaches, ransomware, and malware distribution.

A better alternative would be to buy a local SIM, even if it could be pricier than an eSIM or an international internet plan. However, common places where people use public WiFi the most, such as a café, an airport, or a hotel, are the ones that compromise user data the most, so avoiding doing so is essential for protecting your data.

Consider Minimizing Screen Time

Everyone can use their phones to their liking, especially when travelling, because socialising with locals might be difficult. If you’re an introvert, you may prefer being on your phone, whether you take photos of the surroundings or try not to get bored when waiting for something.

However, it may surprise you that minimising your screen time significantly benefits you in seizing the moment. Indeed, if you travel with your kids, it’s easier to keep them steady if they watch their favourite cartoon or play a game on their phone. However, if you’re alone, you should consider using your phone only for necessities and truly live the moment by noticing the nature, the people and the buildings, as well as trying to blend in with the locals.

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Are You Ready for Your Next Trip?

Going on a trip is exciting, but dealing with a slow internet connection when trying to post a photo or talk with your family back home is annoying. Although international travel should offer similar internet speeds as we’ve reached the internet era, some parts of the world still struggle with fast internet, so it’s best to look for an eSIM or get a local internet pass.

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