Analysis of the System for Receiving and Spending Gold in World of Warcraft Classic

WoW Classic was released by Blizzard in 2019 as a relaunch of the main version and old updates that were popular more than 20 years ago. Such add-ons are known for their hardcore nature and the value of each resource, which will be useful for strengthening your hero and equipping him with everything he needs for quite a long time and is expensive compared to the main version of World of Warcraft.

Analysis of the System for Receiving and Spending Gold in World of Warcraft Classic

Gold was and remains the most important and valuable resource, because unlike weapons and armor, which can have different drop rates, gold can buy literally anything that can be transferred from player to player. You can get it through quests, hunting and raids, the profession system, or simply buy WoW Cataclysm gold in Skycoach.

Ways to Get Your Gold

The key ways to get gold in World of Warcraft Classic is to still complete quests and destroy a large number of monsters.

By completing all types of quests, players receive well-deserved gold, but since this is often the killing of certain monsters, you will always receive additional gold and resources, as well as weapons and armor.

Remember that in addition to full-fledged and story quests, not only story quests are scattered across different locations of Azeroth, but also additional quests that can be found in common locations. These tasks are always associated with the help of local NPCs in solving their problems, and for these players can receive different rewards, which are specified in the conditions – this can be gold, experience, or resources. Such quests can be endless, that is, for each enemy you kill you will receive an additional reward, and you can do them as long as your level falls into the maximum level range.

Game Crafting and Gathering Professions

All mastered skills that are related to resources and production play a big role in the game economy, especially when it comes to winning money in classic Warcraft, which is obtained much more difficult and longer than in the main version.

Mining, herbalism, skinning, blacksmithing and tailoring, enchanting, jewelry making, and others are especially valued.

Gathering professions allow you to obtain consumables that are already used for manufacturing professions and help equip heroes of different classes and provide them with enhancing and restoring potions, jewelry with protection from magic and negative effects, armor enhancement thanks to enchantments, and much more.

But since the slots for mastering professions are limited to only two types, you don’t have to pay attention to creation professions, but simply get cheap WoW Cataclysm gold by selling two types of resources at auction to all artisans who are interested in them, and get paid for it to buy all the missing pieces of armor and weapons for your hero.

Creating professions will allow you to increase your profit by using resources and turning them into finished products, which are always valued higher at auction, especially if you are lucky enough to create a high-quality item, such as a weapon.

There are essentially no useless professions, but there are more important ones:

  • Blacksmithing – creating heavy armor, shields, swords and daggers, assembling sockets for precious stones.
  • Leatherworking – creating light armor, bows, leather goods.
  • Tailoring – creating robes and robes, fabrics are knocked out from monsters.
  • Jewelry making – creating jewelry to protect against magic and debuffs, working with precious stones.
  • Inscription – working with drawings needed by all crafters to create items.
  • Alchemy – creating attack and auxiliary potions for players.
  • Cooking is available to everyone in addition to the main professions and allows you to prepare dishes from fish and meat and, through them, enhance all the key characteristics of the character.
  • Fishing – similar to cooking and allows you to catch fish for cooking and special fish for reagents.

All finished items from professions are in demand and can be sold to receive additional World of Warcraft Classic gold, or to equip your hero to increase his combat potential.

Game Crafting and Gathering Professions


This is a full-fledged center for automated trading, in which the main role is played by players – who set prices and exchange goods, and the system simply creates a platform for this and retains a commission for all operations.

So, if previously players simply placed characters with open trading posts, now it is enough to simply place an item and wait for a notification from the system that it has been sold.

The auction also fulfills its classic task, thanks to which you can place a bid on a valuable item and if no one exceeds it, then you will receive it for a set amount of gold coins.


Farming means clearing locations of monsters in order to collect resources, obtain pure gold and experience.

If your character can produce consistent damage, then this will be one of the best combined ways to get World of Warcraft gold, because this way you can combine quests, hunting and resource gathering and get a single and unified way to earn money.

This method of obtaining gold can be combined with other players and simply destroy a huge number of monsters, but then the captured gold in World of Warcraft will have to be divided among all participants, but even in this format it is profitable.

Raids and dungeons

Participating in raids and dungeons is a great indirect way to get gold, because clearing such dangerous areas brings you unique weapons and armor for different classes, and if they don’t suit you, then you can sell them through the auction system and earn your fair gold for your efforts, or get a suitable item and use it to enhance your combat potential and attack.

Raids and dungeons

Economic Dynamics

Inflation and Deflation

You must know and understand that the same resource and any other item that has its own value will always change it and this will be affected by market oversaturation, or vice versa, its shortage and sometimes instead of selling something for pennies, sometimes it’s worth just putting it aside them until better times, or turn them into finished items and sell them more profitably.

Updates and Player Actions as Factors Affecting Gold

Each new addition, or event, or game factors greatly influence the overall economic component, because new levels are introduced, elements of armor and weapons that need to be crafted, and the addition of new items can bring a strong change in prices and change the relevance of items that previously could have been valuable, or vice versa useless.

Sometimes prices are also influenced by rich players who own part of all the resources and decide for themselves how much they will be put up for auction and how much they will cost in gold in World of Warcraft.

Problematic Points in the Gold System that Exist in World of Warcraft Classic

The Problem is the Time to Get Gold

WoW Classic is a long-term project that is suitable only for players who are ready to experience elements of nostalgia and at the same time spend hours, days and months gradually accumulating not only WoW gold, but also resources.

In fact, in order to progress, you need to spend part of your gaming session at the auction, part of it when farming in locations, and another part on quests, and it is advisable that your gaming session last at least 6 hours, otherwise you will simply systematically lag behind other more active gamers.

Player Inequality

All players have different paces of farming and the game in general; some grasp all the nuances of gameplay on the fly, while others take years to do this, and therefore their pockets in terms of gold will be filled differently.

This approach creates different types of players, but in essence it is fair, because all MMO RPGs are built on the concept of rewards for effort, and not on the right to be on the servers, so there will always be better players and dissatisfied ones.

The Player and the Economy

Your wealth is always calculated based on your understanding of the economy and whether you know how to understand and adapt gold earnings for yourself.

For example, you can make money on mounts and even on archeology if you can set the receipt of items on a constant flow and at the same time be able to specify prices that are favorable to you.

The easiest way is grinding, the most understandable is professions and collecting, the most difficult is a combination of all types so that you have time to collect World of Warcraft gold from each of your gaming sessions, without exception.


The system for obtaining and accumulating gold in World of Warcraft Classic is the most important aspect of such a complex version of the game, which allows you not to farm most of the items to improve your heroes, but simply buy them from other players through the auction system.

You will be able to fully engage in any format of gameplay convenient for you – through a system of quests, hunting, raids and dungeons and professions, and you yourself will regulate what exactly you want to do to gain WoW gold and experience.

Players must find a delicate balance so that in such a complex version of Warcraft they have time to farm, level up, and at the same time also enjoy the game and fight, and not just mine.

Don’t forget about the auction system, which provides enormous opportunities for buying and selling valuable items to other players.

Don’t forget to pay attention to unique mechanics, like riding mounts, which can also earn WoW gold if you find ways to find them quickly and in large quantities.

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