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Quick Overview

Full NameNicholas Stewart
Nick NameJynxzi
Mother NameFeatured on TikTok
Date of BirthSeptember 26, 2001
Age22 years
Height5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters)
Weight85 kg (187 lbs)
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorLight Blonde
BirthplaceWashington, USA
Marital StatusSingle
Kids/Children NameN/A
Monthly Salary$114,513
Yearly Income$1,374,153
Net WorthApproximately $1M
Asset ClassesStreaming, Sponsorships
ProfessionStreamer, YouTuber
Zodiac SignLibra
Latest UpdatingJune 2024

Jynxzi is the name of a young boy who achieved his dreams through endless efforts on social media.  We all know that it’s too difficult to get the attention of a large audience and maintain he fan following. Good content does not necessarily impress the maximum audience because there is a need for a few expressions and a humorous tone of voice that is delivered by Jynxzi.

He started his career in 2019 when he was only 18 years old. The first platform that he utilized was Twitch. Do you know Twitch is known for American online streaming and heavy monetization. Till now he has marked a huge number of 6M followers that is increasing day by day because of streaming daily on the platform. 

Jynxzi’s Birthplace And Background

This was September 26, 2001, when Jynxzi opened his eyes first time and got a sight of this adventurer world. He was born into a Stewart family and was named Nicholas Stewart. It would not be wrong to say that he is very interactive with his parents and siblings. He is blessed with three siblings, two brothers, and a sister. He often talks about his mother and her favorite movies. Florida was the place where he was born. 

Jynxzi Gaming 

The dude has been playing the same game since the beginning and has mastered it like no other. He is a pro player in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and plays as never before seen. He is a very technical and fact-oriented player, which is why he always succeeds and lags behind others. The reason for his biggest success is his accent which makes everyone laugh and talk funny.

Whenever he gets to see something new in the game, he gets very excited. It might be difficult to balance your personal life, content development, and streaming at the same time. To keep their audience interested, many content providers put in lengthy hours broadcasting and editing videos, but his efforts are on peek.  

Recent Events 

He was live on Twitch on 28 June 2024 and was discussing his alpha pack opening at 8 pm EST. his expressions were telling that was an amazing thing for him to do. It is clear that in the beginning when someone creates content, there are many difficulties for him. Without a promised return on investment, many producers are forced to make equipment and software purchases. As he did in the start and now enjoying the fruit of his efforts. 

Jynxzi Net Worth 2024

Income Through Space Station Gamming On Twitch 

As we all know it’s very difficult to calculate the exact value of wealth owned by anyone but according to professionals estimate he is earning more $100,000 and $10 Lac. The reason is that Twitch is such platform that offers numerous tricks to earn money. Such as subscriptions that usually give $4.99, $9.99, or $24.99 per month, Bits and Advertisements. 

Money Through YouTube Ads

There are many ways how a celebrity and content creator like him can earn from YouTube. As he find his which channel progressive in 2023 is started content creation on YouTube also and in a short period he got a reasonable traffic on his page. it could be less than original amount of earning but according to recent research it’s around $50,000 every month and $601,264 every year.   

Physical Statics Of Nicholas Stewart

Height1.78 cm, or 5 feet 10 inches
Weight 162.9 lbs (73 kg)
Color Of Eyes Brown 
Hair Color Brown 
Body Color White 

EX Girlfriend

Till today he is single but in fast there was a girl in her life that was also a streamer. Her name is Kassie. In the first November dekh exposed their relation publicly through their romantic and in relation videos and pictures. Now  unexpectedly they stopped to appear together. 

Social Media Accounts

Social MediaFollowersLink

Jynxzi Properties 

On 12 july 2023 he posted a video on YouTube in which he exposed his new house wich he bought of $ 1000,000. He was so excited and was great full is followers that made this possible for him definitely it was his efforts result and he made his family happy because of his online presence. 

His Movtive: He was asking his followers to chase their dreams without hairy others opinion.  everyone must work in his own way to get best results of work that you can do happily.  He was saying confidently that everyone can do that he watch in others and wants to start himself. He is a two friendly person and always respects everyone. 


He likes to play online games and mostly he loved one versus one gameplay. It’s hard but he likes it this type of gaming. He always choose is sensible strategy and reasonable gameplay. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lynx is a well-known gamer and YouTube broadcaster who is well-known for his entertaining abilities and material.

It is believed that Viper is worth $2.5 million.

Lynx makes money from retail sales, sponsorships, and YouTube ad income.

On YouTube, DarkStar has amassed over 3.5 million subscribers.

Lynx mostly plays popular battle royale games like Fortnite, Minecraft, and others.

He usually broadcasts on YouTube four to five days a week, depending on his schedule. 

Among the many honors he has received are the YouTube Streamy Award and the Gamer of the Year title.

With over 20 million views, his most well-known YouTube video is a compilation of his greatest gaming exploits. 

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