How Old Is Bernie Sanders? Net Worth, Age & Career Highlights

Summery of Bernie Sanders

Full NameBernard Sanders
Celebrated NameBernie Sanders
Father NameEli Sanders
Mother NameDorothy Sanders
Date of BirthSep 08, 1941
Age83 years old (As of 2024)
Height5ft 10 (177.8 cm)
Weight80 Kg or 176 lbs
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Place of BirthBrooklyn, New York City
SchoolJames Madison High School (Brooklyn)
CollegeBrooklyn College
University University of Chicago
Martial StatusMarried
WifeJane OMeara Sanders (m. 1988)
Deborha Shiling (m. 1964-1996)
Kids/Children Name: Levi Sanders
Yearly income174 Thousand +
Net Worth$3 Million US
Became a Millionaire At34 Years
Asset ClassesReal Estate
Profession Politician, Writer, Researcher, Carpenter, Film Director
Significant RoleSenior United States senator from Vermont
Recent ActivityLeading the Senate health committee in 2021
RecognitionTime’s 100 most influential people, 2022
2020 ElectionPresidential candidate
Notable PositionsUniversal Healthcare, Tuition-Free College
Religion Jewish
Zodiac SignVirgo
Siblings Larry Sanders
Latest Updated 2024

Bernie Sanders is a well-known figure in American politics, admired for his progressive stances and dedication to social and economic justice. With a long and impactful political career, many people are curious about Bernie Sanders’ net worth and his age in 2024. In this article, we will delve into both aspects to comprehensively understand the senator’s financial standing and personal background

Bernie Sander Biography

Bernie Sanders was born on September 8, 1941, which makes him 82 years old. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Sanders has spent most of his life dedicated to public service and advocacy for the working class. His age become a popular topic, not only due to his seniority but also because of his ongoing and active involvement in the field of politics.

How Old Is Bernie Sanders?

As of February, 2024, Bernie Sanders is 83 years old. He was born on September 8, 1941.

Early Life and Career

Before entering politics, Bernie Sanders had a diverse career. He held various jobs, including working as a carpenter, filmmaker, and writer. In 1981, he was elected mayor of Burlington, Vermont, where he served four terms, earning a reputation for his progressive policies and commitment to affordable housing and environmental issues.

Political Journey

Sanders’ political career turned national when he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1991, representing Vermont. In 2007, he became a U.S. Senator from Vermont, a position he still holds in 2024. Sanders has championed healthcare reform, income inequality, and climate change throughout his political career, earning a dedicated following.

Between 1981 and 1989, he received an annual salary of $33,700 while serving as the mayor of Burlington, Vermont. During his tenure as a U.S. Congressman from 1990 to 2005, Bernie earned an annual income between $90,000 and $140,000. Since assuming the role of a U.S. Senator in 2005, he has earned an annual salary of $174,000.

Bernie Sanders Net Worth in 2024

Estimating the net worth of a public figure like Bernie Sanders can be challenging, as it involves multiple income sources and assets. As of 2024, various sources estimate his net worth to be $3 million. It’s important to note that much of his wealth is tied up in real estate, including his homes in Vermont and Washington, D.C.

YearNet Worth
Net Worth in 2024$4 Million

Sanders has released his tax returns, showing that a significant portion of his income comes from book royalties, speaking engagements, and his salary as a U.S. Senator. He has been vocal about his support for policies to address income inequality, and his relatively modest net worth reflects his commitment to those principles.

Recent Rule and Activities

Bernie Sanders indeed continued to be an active and influential figure in American politics. Taking on the leadership of the Senate Health Committee in 2021, he gained a platform to advocate for progressive agendas related to healthcare and related issues more robustly.

Recognition by Time Magazine

Bernie Sanders’ influence indeed transcends the realm of politics. In 2022, Time magazine acknowledged his impact by including him in their prestigious list of the world’s 100 most influential individuals. Notable figures such as Susan Sarandon and Mark Ruffalo have also voiced their admiration for his work and principles, further solidifying his status as a prominent and influential figure on a global scale.

2020 US Presidential Election

Bernie Sanders contested the 2020 United States Presidential Election as a candidate for the Democratic Party. He sought the Democratic nomination for President of the United States and participated in the Democratic primaries and caucuses leading up to the general election.
Sanders ran on a platform that emphasized progressive policies, including universal healthcare, combating income inequality, addressing climate change, and increasing access to education. His campaign garnered significant support, particularly among younger voters, and he won several state primaries and caucuses.

However, after a competitive primary season, Joe Biden secured the Democratic nomination and went on to face incumbent President Donald Trump in the general election. While Bernie Sanders did not win the Democratic nomination, his influence on the party’s platform and policies remained evident, as many of his progressive ideas continued to shape the Democratic agenda throughout the election and beyond.

Social Media Account Details

Social MediaFollowersLink
Instagram 6.6M Click here
Facebook 5.6M Click here
Twitter 15.3M Click here
YouTube507KClick here
WebsiteN/AClick here
LinkedIn N/A——-
Bernie Sanders Social Media Presence

Charity and Donations

Bernie Sanders has a history of donating some of his income to charitable causes. He has also been involved in various philanthropic endeavors and has supported organizations working on issues close to his heart, such as healthcare and education.

Bernie Sanders Tax Returns

As part of his 2020 Presidential campaign, Bernie Sanders released tax returns dating back to 2010, revealing the combined earnings of himself and his spouse, Jane Sanders.

S.NoYear of Tax ReturnsAmount
32011 $324,870
42012 $280,954
62014 $205,617
72015 $240,610
82016 $1,062,626
92017 $1,150,891
102018 $561,293
11Total $4,742,919


At 83 in 2024, Bernie Sanders remains a prominent figure in American politics with a net worth estimated $4 million. A steadfast commitment to progressive values and the welfare of the American working class has marked his career. While his net worth may not be as substantial as some other politicians, it is consistent with his principles and beliefs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bernie Sanders’ net worth is estimated at $3 million in 2023.

Bernie Sanders is 82 years old, born on September 8, 1941.

Yes, he released tax returns during his 2020 Presidential campaign.

His income primarily comes from book royalties, speaking engagements, and his U.S. Senate salary.

Yes, he has a history of donating to charitable causes.

Yes, he continues serving as a U.S. Senator and is active in politics.

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