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Elizabeth Smart’s Net Worth 2024: Age, Husband, Children & Kidnapping

Elizabeth Smart Net Worth

As of 2019, Elizabeth Smart’s net Worth is estimated to be $10 million. She is an American author, public speaker, and child safety activist kidnapped at 14 from her home in Salt Lake City, Utah. Smart was held captive for nine months before being rescued by authorities.

Since her return, Smart has become an advocate for missing people and victims of sexual violence. In 2012, she published her memoir, My Story, which detailed her ordeal. Smart has also worked as a correspondent for ABC News, and in 2018, she launched the Elizabeth Smart Foundation. This non-profit organization provides resources and support to victims of kidnapping and sexual violence.

In 2019, Smart was named one of Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People.”

Quick Overview of Elizabeth Smart

Full NameElizabeth Ann Smart
Nick NameElizabeth Smart
Father NameEd Smart
Mother NameLoise
Date of BirthNovember 3, 1987
Age36 years old (As of 2024)
Height1.68 m
BirthplaceSalt Lake City, Utah, USA
Martial StatusMarried
HusbandMatthew Gilmour (m. 2012)
Net Worth$10 Million US
Profession Child-Safe Activist, Commentator, Writer
Religion Christianity
Children4 Son’s & 2 Daughters

Elizabeth Smart House

When it comes to the Smart family, there are many different ways they have made headlines. This family has been through everything from abduction to return and tragedy to triumph. However, one thing that has always remained constant is their love for one another. This was most recently seen when Elizabeth Smart’s father, Ed, decided to sell his home and use the proceeds to set up a trust fund for his daughter.

The home in Salt Lake City, Utah, was sold for $2.5 million. The proceeds from the sale will be used to create a trust fund for Smart, who was abducted at 14 and held captive for nine months. The fund will help her with anything she may need in the future, including medical expenses, education, and housing.

This is just one example of the love and support that the Smart family has for each other. Elizabeth has always been vocal about the incredible bond she shares with her parents and siblings; this latest gesture is just another example. The family has been through so much together, and they continue to stand by one another no matter what.

Elizabeth Smart Family

When it comes to the safety and well-being of their children, most parents will do anything in their power to protect them. For Elizabeth Smart’s parents, that meant going above and beyond to find their daughter after she was abducted from their home in 2002.

With the help of the community, law enforcement, and the media, Elizabeth was found alive nine months later. Her parents, Lois and Ed Smart, have since become advocates for missing and exploited children. Here’s what you need to know about the Smart family:

Elizabeth smart net worth and Family Life

Elizabeth Smart was born to Lois and Edward Smart on November 3, 1987, in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has four siblings: Mary Katherine, Edward Jr., Andrew, and William.

On June 5, 2002, Elizabeth was abducted from her bedroom in the middle of the night by a man named Brian David Mitchell. She was missing for nine months before being found alive on March 12, 2003.

During her captivity, Elizabeth was repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted. She was also forced to use drugs and alcohol. Elizabeth has advocated for missing and exploited children in the years since her abduction. She has also written a memoir about her ordeal, titled My Story.

Elizabeth is married to Matthew Gilmour, a Scottish man she met while serving as a Mormon missionary in Paris. The couple has three children together: Chloe, Oliver, and a baby girl, Misty.

Lois Smart is Elizabeth’s mother. She is a homemaker and a stay-at-home mom. Lois is also a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Ed Smart is Elizabeth’s father. He is a businessman and former real estate developer. Ed is also a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Mary Katherine Smart is Elizabeth’s older sister. She was the one who discovered that Elizabeth was missing from her bedroom on the morning of her abduction.

Edward Smart Jr. is Elizabeth’s older brother. He now works as a financial analyst. Andrew Smart is Elizabeth’s younger brother. He is a student at Brigham Young University. William Smart is Elizabeth’s younger brother.

Elizabeth Smart Father

When it comes to the abduction and return of Elizabeth Smart, her father, Ed Smart, has always been a rock for his daughter and family. However, he has been dealing with some personal demons in recent years. Here is a look at the life of Elizabeth Smart’s father, Ed Smart, and what he has been up to in recent years.

Ed Smart was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1955. He met his wife, Lois, while they were both students at Brigham Young University. The couple married in 1974 and had six children together. In 2002, their daughter Elizabeth was abducted from her bedroom in the middle of the night. Ed and Lois worked tirelessly to find their daughter, and she was eventually found alive nine months later.

Since then, Ed has advocated for missing children and worked with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. He also wrote a book about Elizabeth’s abduction and return called Bringing Elizabeth Home. However, Ed has been dealing with some personal demons in recent years.

In 2015, he was arrested for driving under the influence. He pleaded guilty, was sentenced to probation, and was ordered to attend alcohol counseling.

Then, in 2017, he was arrested again and charged with driving under the influence and possessing drug paraphernalia. He pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to two years of probation.

Since then, Ed has been trying to turn his life around. He has completed his probation and has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. He has reconnected with his faith and become active in his church again.

Ed Smart has been through a lot in recent years. However, he is slowly but surely getting his life back on track. We hope he continues to find strength in his faith and his family as he matures from his past.

Elizabeth Smart Husband

It is no secret that Elizabeth Smart is married to Matthew Gilmour, a Scottish missionary whom she met while attending Brigham Young University. The two wed in 2012 in a private ceremony in the Salt Lake City LDS temple.

While many know Elizabeth Smart as the victim of a high-profile kidnapping case, she has since become an advocate for missing persons and victims of sexual violence. She is also the author of a best-selling memoir, My Story.

Elizabeth Smart’s husband, Matthew Gilmour, is also an author and public speaker. The two frequently speak together about their experiences and work to raise awareness about missing people and sexual violence. The couple has three children together and currently resides in Utah.

Professional Life

Elizabeth Smart’s professional journey culminated in 2011 with the establishing of the Elizabeth Smart Foundation, dedicated to safeguarding children from abuse.

elizabeth smart net worth and Family

Elizabeth Smart Hobby

Many people know Elizabeth Smart as the girl who was abducted from her home in 2002 and found nine months later. But there is so much more to her story than that. Elizabeth is now a wife, mother, and author and has some interesting hobbies. Here are six of Elizabeth Smart’s hobbies.

1. Hiking: Elizabeth Smart loves to hike and be outdoors. She frequently posts pictures of her hikes on her Instagram account.

2. Yoga: Yoga is another one of Elizabeth Smart’s hobbies. She often posts pictures and videos of herself doing yoga on her Instagram account.

3. Reading: Elizabeth Smart is an avid reader. She frequently posts pictures of the books she reads on her Instagram account.

4. Cooking: Elizabeth Smart loves to cook. She often posts pictures of the food she cooks on her Instagram account.

5. Traveling: Elizabeth Smart loves to travel. She has been to many countries and posted pictures of her travels on her Instagram account.

6. Writing: Elizabeth Smart is also a writer. She has authored two books, “My Story” and “Where There’s Hope.”

Elizabeth Smart Kids

Regarding children, every parent wants what’s best for their little ones. For Elizabeth Smart, this means giving her seven kids the best life possible.

Elizabeth Smart is an American child safety activist and author. She first gained national attention at age 14 when she was abducted from her home in Salt Lake City, Utah, and held captive for nine months before she was found alive.

Since her return, Smart has been an advocate for missing and exploited children. She also authorizes two books, “My Story” and “Where There’s Hope.”

In 2011, Smart married Matthew Gilmour, a Scottish-born former LDS missionary whom she met while they were both students at Brigham Young University. The couple has three children together.

In an interview with “People” magazine, Smart said that she and Gilmour decided to have a large family because they wanted their children to have “a lot of siblings close in age.”
“We wanted them to have what we had,” she said. Here are seven things to know about Smart’s seven children:
1. Smart and Gilmour’s oldest son, Chloe, was born in February 2012.
2. Their second child, a daughter named Olivia, was born in August 2013.
3. In September 2015, the couple welcomed their third child, James.
4. In November 2016, they welcomed their fourth child, another son named George.
5. Smart gave birth to twins in 2018. A son named Isaiah and a daughter named Eve.
6. The couple’s seventh child, Joseph, was born in 2019.
7. Smart has said that she and Gilmour want more children. “We’re not done yet,” she told “People” magazine.

Elizabeth Smart’s Kidnap Story

In 2002, then-14-year-old Elizabeth Smart was abducted from her Salt Lake City home in the middle of the night. Her kidnapping sparked a massive search and a media frenzy. Nine months later, she was found alive, just 18 miles from her home. Her story captivated the nation.

Now, Elizabeth Smart is sharing her story in a new memoir, “My Story.” In it, she details her abduction, captivity, and eventual rescue. She also opens up about her life after the kidnapping, including her battle with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Elizabeth Smart’s story is a reminder that, even in the darkest of times, there is always hope.

Social Media Links

Elizabeth Smart, an inspiration to millions, has a social media presence that resonates, with over 13.5K followers on Twitter. She engages her fans through personal photos and videos as a beacon of strength and resilience. Standing tall at 1.68 meters, Elizabeth Smart’s impact exceeds her 35 years. Stay connected through her social media links:

Social Media Account Details

Social MediaFollowersLink
Instagram 237KClick here
Facebook 185KClick here
Twitter N/A ——-


Elizabeth Smart’s remarkable journey from abduction survivor to advocate and author has been inspirational. Her story has taught us the importance of resilience, the power of using one’s voice for positive change, and the significance of community support. At the same time, the exact figure of Elizabeth Smart’s net Worth remains a mystery; her true wealth lies in the lives she has touched and the difference she has made.

As we reflect on Elizabeth Smart’s life, remember that net Worth is just one aspect of a person’s story. Smart’s legacy reminds us that our impact on the world can transcend financial success, and our actions, compassion, and determination truly define our Worth.

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Elizabeth Smart earns income through speaking engagements, book sales, and advocacy work focused on child safety.

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Elizabeth Smart is known for her philanthropic efforts and supports organizations dedicated to child protection.

As of my last update, Elizabeth Smart was active in public speaking engagements.

Information about Elizabeth Smart’s upcoming projects and initiatives may vary, and it’s advisable to follow her latest updates for details on her plans.

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