Is Apple Reliable for Business Solutions? Assessing Performance and Support

When we talk about Apple products and services for personal use, there is no doubt that they are super convenient, especially for people like me who look for performance rather than customization options (this may lead us to the infamous iPhone Vs. Android never-ending debate). But we need to also accept that personal and business worlds are totally different: Yes, they align at the point where we all need communication and collaboration in both cases, but the way it’s done is completely different.

Is Apple Reliable for Business Solutions Assessing Performance and Support

There is this professional opinion that Apple simply doesn’t want to become a player in the B2B field and compete with companies like Google and Microsoft which are dominant choices for businesses. However, what we have seen in recent years shows some different patterns: By introducing the custom email domain options on iCloud, the Cupertino giant sparked a lot of interest among businesses, and hopes too.

Can Apple become the primary choice for companies looking for better solutions that are both convenient and secure? Here is what we consider.

Apple Is Not Always as Great as We Think It Is

I love Apple everything, but let’s be honest – for some important work stuff, Apple computers just aren’t strong enough. For example, editing videos or searching giant databases is way easier on those powerful Windows machines. They crush Macs when it comes to raw power for tough jobs.

And forget about gaming on a Mac! Sure, Macs look amazing with their sleek metal bodies and super sharp screens, but gaming on them is, well, pretty bad. And if you don’t know yet why are Macs bad for gaming try playing a demanding game like Cyberpunk 2077 on a top-of-the-line Mac. You’ll get tons of lag, and terrible performance – not what you expect from a $3,000 computer! PC gamers with super powerful graphics cards and super smooth gameplay will laugh you out of the room.

Iphone mac book

Don’t get me wrong, MacBooks are awesome laptops for everyday tasks like work, making things, whatever. But for specialized work that needs a lot of power or amazing graphics, Windows machines are definitely better. And although taking care of the hardware may potentially empower the computer, Apple’s idea of “it just works” doesn’t apply to everything.

End-to-End Encryption is Desired

With all these data hacks happening lately, every business needs to make sure their stuff is super encrypted! This includes your emails, customer info, financial records – basically anything important you wouldn’t want getting stolen. One little leak and you’re in big trouble with the law, can’t follow the rules anymore, and your customers won’t trust you ever again. Big yikes! Only consider the fact that in 2021, there were 16,5 leaked emails per 100 users, and this trend includes businesses too.

That’s why everyone needs to use super secure messaging and email these days. I love Apple, but their secure messaging thing isn’t always the best, even though I love using iMessage/FaceTime whenever I can for those encrypted chats. But it’s not always convenient, especially for businesses.

For example, Apple’s Mail app is great for personal emails, but for a whole company? No way! Sharing inboxes, searching for emails, saving old emails – it’s all a mess on Apple compared to something like Google Workspace, which is built for businesses.

Apple is still really good at keeping things private, but for secure messaging that’s easy to use and works well for businesses, Google wins. Their encrypted messaging stuff is just more convenient for working together while still keeping everything safe.

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The Issue with the Ecosystem

Apple makes everything work together really well, like a beautiful, magical garden. It’s the best in the tech world when everything connects perfectly across all your Apple devices. It makes you way more productive and is super tempting.

However, setting up and keeping everything Apple for your whole company can be super expensive, like way too tight on your wallet. Imagine buying a whole bunch of Mac desktops, laptops, iPads, and everything else for everyone who works there. Your finance department would be protesting in the front yard, so to speak!

Market shows that a typical Windows laptop costs around $600-$700. A basic Macbook can easily cost 50-100% more than that before you even add more memory, storage, or anything else. Then there are chargers, repairs, and special programs you need to buy – it all adds up fast, especially for a big company.

Don’t get me wrong, having everything Apple might be totally worth it for some businesses because it makes them work better and keeps things more secure. But companies need to think carefully about how much extra they’re willing to spend compared to using cheaper Windows or Android devices. It’s all about finding the balance between what costs the most now and what saves money in the long run.

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