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Summary of Jason Weaver

Full NameJason Michael Weaver
Nick NameJ-Weaver
Father NameRobert Lincoln Weaver
Mother NameKitty Haywood
Date of BirthJul 18, 1979
Age45 years (As of 2024)
Height5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)
Weight313 lbs (141 kg)
Place of BirthChicago, America
Martial StatusMarried
`WifeMyra Weaver
SonJaylen Zylus
Net Worth6 million US dollars Estimated
Profession Actor, Singer, Voice Actor
Last Updated2024

What is Jason Weaver Net Worth & Salary?

Meet Jason Weaver, an American star who shines both in acting and singing and is worth around $6 million. His journey started back in the early 90s when he began acting in cool things like “The Kid Who Loved Christmas,” “Brewster Place,” “The Long Walk Home,” and “The Jacksons: An American Dream.”

He didn’t stop there! Jason kept going strong, starring in lots of movies and TV shows. You might have seen him in stuff like “Sister, Sister,” “Freedom Song,” “Drumline,” “The Ladykillers,” “ATL,” “Jada,” “Love for Sale,” “Lottery Ticket,” “The LeBrons,” “He’s Mine Not Yours,” and “Dysfunctional Friends.”

One of his big moments was on shows called “Thea” and “Smart Guy.” And guess what? He used his singing voice to be Simba in “The Lion King.” Isn’t that cool?

Jason even made music. In 1995, he put out an album called “Love Ambition.” Then, the next year, he released something shorter called an EP called “Stay With Me.” He teamed up with Chingy for a song called “One Call Away,” which many people liked.

So there you have it—Jason Weaver, the guy who’s awesome at acting, singing, and making his mark in the entertainment world!

Jason Weaver Wife: Is Jason Weaver Married?

Myra Weaver is Jason Weaver’s wife. No one knows when they first met or when they got married. Myra stays out of the public eye, so we don’t know when she was born, how old she is, or what she does for a living at this time.

Jason Weaver Wife

Jason Weaver Son: Who Is Jaylen Zylus?

Jaylen attended Thornwood High School, and Weaver is the proud parent of him.

Lion King Salary/Earnings

In an interview with VladTV in October 2019, Jason Weaver shared a fascinating story. He mentioned he had a chance to get $2 million upfront for his role in The Lion King, but he decided not to take it. Instead, he chose to receive $100,000 and a portion of the future money that the songs and movie would make. It turned out to be a smart move, as he still gets paid today, even decades later. He has earned more than the initial $2 million offer.

There’s another way to look at it, though. Some might say that if he had invested the $2 million back then, it could have grown to around $9 million today, considering how the stock market has performed. This perspective suggests that he earned more through investments.

Jason Weaver explained that his mom decided for him since he was a minor when the movie was made. “The Lion King” made almost $1 billion from its original run in theaters and even more from sales and licensing. When you adjust for inflation, this makes “The Lion King” the highest-grossing animated film ever.

So, it’s an interesting tale of a decision that turned out well for Jason Weaver in the long run, even though it might have seemed different then!

Jason Weaver’s rise to fame was marked by remarkable breakthroughs that etched his name into entertainment history.

Jason Weaver Social Media Presence

Social MediaFollowersLink
Instagram 402KClick here
Facebook 5.1K Click here
Twitter 27.8KClick here
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Turning Point Roles

The turning point arrived in 1992 when he embodied a young Michael Jackson in the miniseries “The Jacksons: An American Dream.” His portrayal won hearts far and wide, establishing him as a budding star with immense potential. Then, in 1994, his melodic voice brought life to Simba in Disney’s animated masterpiece “The Lion King.” Songs like “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” and “Hakuna Matata” charmed audiences and played a pivotal role in making the film an enduring classic.

Television Career

In 1997, Weaver took center stage as Marcus Henderson in the sitcom “Smart Guy.” His performance resonated strongly with viewers, solidifying his reputation as a gifted actor capable of intricate arrangements. His ability to capture complicated feelings and deliver well-timed humor made “Smart Guy” an unforgettable chapter in his journey.

As Musical

Weaver’s talents extended beyond acting, weaving into the realm of music. His debut album, “Love Ambition,” released in 1995 through Motown Records, showcased his vocal prowess and dynamic storytelling. While his music path didn’t soar to the heights of his acting career, his devoted admirers continue to cherish his contributions to the R&B and soul genres.

Journey Through the Years

As the 2000s rolled in, Jason Weaver’s acting journey flourished. He graced the silver screen in notable films like “Drumline” and “ATL.” His talents also found their way into popular TV shows, with guest appearances on beloved series like “Thea” and “Sister, Sister.” Each role he took was a testament to his acting prowess and magnetic presence.

Earning Accolades

Jason’s performances didn’t go unnoticed. Both critics and viewers alike acknowledged his acting skills and charm. His ability to engage audiences and bring characters to life earned him well-deserved recognition. Awards ceremonies have seen his name pop up, and he even secured a Young Artist Award nomination for his exceptional portrayal in “The Jacksons: An American Dream.”

Jason Weaver’s star rose with each role and achievement, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment landscape.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Jason Weaver has a net worth of approximately $6 million.

Jason Weaver earned his wealth through his acting and music career.

Jason Weaver is known for roles in projects like “The Jacksons: An American Dream,” “The Lion King,” “Smart Guy,” “Drumline,” and “ATL.”

He received a Young Artist Award nomination for his performance in “The Jacksons: An American Dream.”

He released an album called “Love Ambition” and contributed to the music industry with his R&B and soul music.

His voice work for songs like “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” and “Hakuna Matata” in Disney’s “The Lion King” is highly recognized and appreciated.

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